408 - Constant Partys!

Discussion in 'Disturbances of the Peace; Noise complaints' started by Scott Love, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. Scott Love

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    Hey Guys,
    Has anyone else noticed continuous partys and loud music from apartment 408?
    Over this past week alone, they had music blasting till 4am on Tuesday (Wednesday morning) and 1.30am on Thursday (Friday morning).

    Last night Friday/Saturday morning) it got so bad i called the police twice on them. Despite the police going to there aprtment after i had talked to the police, they shut there windows but still kept partying till atleast 4am this morning. When i woke up, i was greeted to my window ledge covered in cigarette ash and butts.

    I have lived in this amazing building for 4 years and this behaviour is TOTALLY unacceptable. I have emailed the body corp with my complaint. Hopefully after getting the police involved, they will realise that this type of behaviour is not tolertated. Where are peoples respect???????

    Havent had more than 4 hours sleep in 2 nights because of them.

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